Calling Card Color Palette

I finally got around to the design using the color palette created in this post last month about color inspiration from some photo props I was using for a magazine shoot.

I liked the retro feel of the vibrant gold and bronze tones with the super-saturated turquoise. I've also been fascinated later with Moorish patterns and designs so I decided to combine the colors and pattern inspiration into a very modern calling card. It's oversized and two-sided to stand out from the crowd of regular business cards.

I also decided to have minimal contact info on the back. Just a mobile number and e-mail instead of the old school street address, land line, mobile and fax. Those are really the two most common pieces of info most people now use to communicate.

I've only been using those two bits of info for my personal business cards for the past year now and I haven't run into any problems yet.

What's your experience with this? Do you have tons of information on your business cards or just the bare bones? I'd love to hear your experiences.