Felt flower how-to

Finally got started on some crafting with the felt I purchased from Giant Dwarf. I can't decide yet if it's going to be a barette or a brooch. It's been quite a while since I've handled a needle and thread, so I'm definitely going to need more practice to keep my stitches more uniform. Here's the breakdown of the steps:


1. Cut your "petal" shape out of paper and trace onto your fabric. I'm using 5 petals, but I think 6 would be cute as well.


2. Pinch the ends together and stich straight through both sides.


3. Repeat with all remaining "petals" until they are all strung together.


4. Tightly pull thread and sew stitch through layers to finish off the flower.5. Optional -- cut some leaf shapes and stich edges with a straight stitch for visual interest.


6. Sew the flower to your leaves and Voila! Now pin back or barette?