Homemade DIY recessed shelves

Finally! After three weeks of measuring, re-measuring, cutting, sanding and painting, the shelves are done! The house had a narrow hallway with an arched recess that was lovely, but not very useful other than hanging some artwork because of the shallow depth. I have a lot of books and really, really love built-in bookcases so we decided to make the area into library shelving. Each end of the shelves (made of poplar) has a small wood brace for stability and triangular, wooden brackets which are staggered every other shelf for visual interest. We also went with an alkyd, oil-based paint for more durability. This is what added so much time to project as it needed to dry 24 hours between coats. There's also a strip of decorative molding attached to the front with a leaf pattern for a more finished appearance. It's going to be hard to waiting for them to fully cure so I can load 'em up with books!