Artist Elizabeth McDonald


Bears Love LicoriceAt a recent Second Saturday (think First Friday) event, we had the pleasure of meeting artist Elizabeth McDonald. She is an amazing young talent working with oil and watercolor which gives her work a unique moodiness. The top canvas pictured here "Culling" completely captivated me. We were actually walking outside the gallery and it caught our attention on the street. Here are Elizabeth's own words describing her work:

I am not depicting truth in my paintings, nor am I simply inventing. Instead, I explore an interweaving of reality and fiction similar to what is constructed during the recollection of dreams and distant memories. I paint simultaneously from two angles; the concrete and the intuitive. My paintings have an anecdotal quality but not a singular narrative. They are often based in reality but become skewed towards the uncanny through the use of color, composition, and invented detail. There is a balance between dissonance and beauty; one is left with only precarious assumptions of subject yet one is not driven away by the uneasiness within the painting. Instead of presenting a complete and coherent story I simply attempt to reconcile the viewer to the painting's inexplicability.