Printable Weekly Planner

Looking to keep organized and keep it pretty at the same time? Get the new Floral Stripes printable planner page at the Charming Ink Hungry Jpeg shop. Print these stylish pages each week as needed and keep yourself on point. Features a modern gray stripe background and fun, floral graphics. Personally, I have to physically write things down on actual paper to make them a priority. There's nothing like the satisfaction of crossing through a completed task!

Freebie Friday Printable

Organization. It's critical to staying on track in business and pretty much every other aspect of life. One area I fall down in is balanced, nutritious lunches. Anyone else hate stopping work to prepare a meal? When you're in the design groove or working through creative inspiration it's hard to put the brakes on and you probably find yourself skipping lunch or grabbing a granola bar and then slumping in energy in the afternoon. Planning helps keep you on track and producing better work if you're taking good care of your health. Here's a freebie download for a weekly lunch planner to help keep you organized and motivated. It even has extra margin space for three-hole punching if you're a binder person. Bon appetit.

Upcycled Closet into Tiny Office

Space. There never seems to be enough of it in my home and running a studio out of your house encroaches even more on precious space and storage. Check out the job House Beautiful did on turning this very narrow closet into a tiny, but effective office space. Check out the full post here for the details and great photos of all the nooks and crannies.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful