Hilarious retro book titles

I admittedly have a fascination with most things considered retro. The ideal timeframe stretches from the 1920's till the mid-60's. A lover of the 70's I am not. I still have nightmares about the hideous tri-tone shag carpet in our family room which is precisely why this book caught my attention: Interior Desecrations, Hideous Homes from the Horrible 70's

The other title is The Gallery of Regrettable Food which takes a look at some of the more, um, creative recipes from days gone by. Chapters entitled "Glop in a Pot!" and "Horrors from the Briny Deep" are simply too intriguing to ignore.

Both books are by James Lileks and if you want more of him, head over to his website where you'll find a comprehensive gathering of his creative endeavours.